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Bismark Collision

Our devoted collision and car repair services have been trusted throughout Vancouver and Richmond for over 30 years. Specializing in European and Japanese vehicle repair, our I.C.B.C. Express Certified automotive repair facility provides exceptional attention to detail alongside celebrated customer service., Accredited technicians perform all types of body repairs for all makes and models of vehicles.From small cars to recreational vehicles, we can repair them all safely and efficiently. Call us today to schedule service at our repair shop.


    Our Services

    Our Services

    RoadSide Assistance

    No matter what the problem, you only need to call our customer assistance center, we will be through their own network of experts or partners to arrange rescue forces arrived at the scene as soon as possible. If necessary, we will send your car to the nearest retailer for quick and effective repairs. We can also provide you with replacement vehicles, arrange a taxi for you to make sure you arrive at your destination, or provide you with accommodation to enjoy the best possible experience.

    Winter Tire

    To ensure that in the harshest winter you can drive McLaren to ride freely, we work with Pirelli to launch a series of Sottozero winter tires and spare aluminum wheels. As you wish, Pirelli Sottozero winter tires provide better grip on ice and snow; in such environments, the rubber material of the tire is still able to maintain softness and therefore does not harden and slip.


    Professional car beauty of all the items, the body cleaning steps are mainly three, one body electrostatic removal cleaning; the second is to remove the cleaning of the transport film; third is the depth of Yan cleaning. These three cleaning methods not only use the cleaning supplies are different, and the mode of operation and to achieve the purpose is different. And the mode of operation and the purpose to be achieved is different.


    On the basis of positioning, you can through the multi-function display, to provide the best route, the road ahead and the recent gas stations, hotels, hotels and other information. If the GPS signal is broken, you lost your way, do not worry, GPS has recorded your driving route, you can also return the same way. Of course, these features are inseparable from the pre-prepared use of the region’s map software.

    Vehicle Insured

    ICBC’s vehicle insurance product is called Autoplan. All vehicles in British Columbia are equipped with Basic Autoplan to travel on the road. You can purchase this insurance plan at any car insurance agency office. You may also consider other optional car insurance programs to purchase additional protection for your car and family. Car insurance brokers can help you find what is best for your needs. You may also choose to purchase additional protection from other car insurance companies.

    Driver License

    The procedure for obtaining a BC driving license depends on where you are currently licensed. If you are from the UK, the United States or some other country, and have the right documents, you may be able to immediately obtain a BC driving license. If you are from China (including Hong Kong), Taiwan or most other countries, you have to pass some tests before you get a driver’s license. If you have two years of driving experience, you will need to take a road test (a multiple choice exam) and a road test.

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